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Award-winning team diagnostics

The science behind effective teams

Teams often find it hard to identify how effective they really are on their own – and even harder to know what to do to improve their performance. That’s why we created teamSalient®. Our award-winning team diagnostic assessment tool is designed to measure how effective a team is at any stage of development. It guides teams on the most important actions to take to improve team performance.

Developed with teams, for teams

The most comprehensive team assessment tool on the market, teamSalient®‘s powerful diagnostics extend team capabilities beyond their current comfort zones to increase team effectiveness and performance. teamSalient® is unique in how it measures the whole team in context: its structure, processes, group dynamics, team member relationships, and how this compares with other teams. When multiple teams use the tool simultaneously as part of an organisation-wide change initiative, its integral dashboard allows stakeholders an overview of all development activities at a glance, across all teams.

Award-winning, the teamSalient® team assessment tool identifies key strengths, critical gaps, and improvement areas for your team. It help teams collaborate and progress, by generating a clear, benchmarked team profile full of insights and in-built plans to prompt a team into action and track its progress. It measures team success against 16 drivers of team effectiveness, and identifies which ones will have the biggest impact on results. This helps teams focus their development through tried and tested action plans.

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Effective teams perform better

Teams consists of inter-reliant members, so teamSalient® focuses on the entire team, as a whole, not individual team members in isolation:

  • Team effectiveness: teamSalient®‘s diagnostics assess the 16 drivers that make an effective team and incorporate them into its analysis. The tool measures team structure, design, and processes in tandem with relational and group dynamics for a complete, holistic view of the team.
  • Development orientation: teamSalient® focuses on areas that are most receptive to development and change and isn’t distracted by elements that are fixed and harder to shift, such as individual personalities.
  • Systems perspective: Teams don’t operate in isolation. Our assessment tool connects teams to a wider context by integrating performance data with sponsor perspectives and in-built stakeholder feedback.
  • Team relationships: Teams are a collection of relationships. When team relationships are strong, members work together co-operatively. teamSalient® measures the closeness and cohesiveness of the team with a visual team relationship map.

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Transform your team – teamSalient® improves team effectiveness and performance.

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What our clients say

"Discussing our teamSalient® profile and actions was the best conversation we’ve ever had as a leadership team".

Operations Director - Global high street retailer

"Using teamSalient® was the first time we’ve felt like a team".

Human Resources Director (HRD) Distribution company

"teamSalient® has provided rich, insightful feedback that has provoked and inspired a sea change in the way that this team operates".

Finance Director - Top 10 global law firm

"teamSalient® brings real clarity and focus to my work. I can easily see what is needed within a team and measure their progress".

Accredited Practitioner

"Teams are more aware of their behaviours and ways of working, helping me to address any difficult dynamics and make the team more effective".

Accredited Practitioner

"teamSalient® was central to us securing a large client. My work was extended beyond the leadership team and we achieved a 50% uplift to the business".

Accredited Practitioner


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