Leadership team diagnostics

The challenge

The UK leadership team of one of the world’s most recognised brands was faced with unprecedented and challenging market conditions. Already a group of talented individuals, the team is working hard but this hasn’t so far translated into better business results. The largest contributor to group revenue, they are under massive pressure to deliver on business plans.

Team diagnostic tool in practice

A team coaching programme was developed centred on the use of the teamSalient®. The team effectiveness tool’s diagnostics helped the team understand and leverage its individual and collective strengths and streamline its design and processes. As a group, they were able to agree on the teams common purpose and what they contributed to the wider business.

The outcome

Supported by in-person and virtual coaching the team was able to focus on deliverables while increasing individual members’ commitment to the group. The team was able to establish and achieve mission-critical short-term priorities. By changing its size and composition, the team reduced lengthy meeting times and improved the speed of decision-making. Team members were empowered to take ownership of challenges, reducing stress on the team leader and freeing up capacity.

Client quote

“Amidst all the pressures of turning around a complex and underperforming business, it is easy for executive team development to slip down the agenda. teamSalient® was invaluable in helping me, and our team coach, identify our innate strengths and focus attention on some essential areas for action. It is work in progress, but work that the executive team owns and that is raising the pace and quality of leadership.”
CEO UK retailer.

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