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Whether used as part of a team development or coaching programme, or as a stand-alone diagnostic assessment tool, teamSalient® identifies the current state of team effectiveness, and helps teams prioritise areas of action for the greatest impact to improve team performance. Become accredited as a teamSalient® qualified practitioner, and help teams reach their full potential.

This highly interactive and practical accreditation programme will equip you with the knowledge and skills to use teamSalient® to help create high-performing teams. You'll also have access to knowledge, tools, and a friendly community of expert practitioners dedicated to improving the performance of teams, team-leaders, and organisations worldwide.

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Practitioner training programmes:

Our accredited practitioner training programme covers:

• The market needs and demand for team tools and what’s important to teams and practitioners.
• The stages of team development and the associated challenges this presents to teams.
• The three domains and sixteen drivers of team effectiveness that teamSalient® measures.
• The skills to set-up and administer a team profile and interpret a report.
• How to deliver feedback to teams and groups on teamSalient® reporting.

On completion of the training, practitioners will receive a certificate of accreditation and will have full access to the teamSalient® portal of resources. Accredited practitioners may use the teamSalient® logo on their website and marketing materials to promote the use of the tool.


Practitioner training programmes, supervision and support:

Open & in-house training

Open access accreditation programmes for team coaches or in-house programmes for HR, L&D and OD practitioners.

1-1 Support & supervision

Individual post-accreditation support and supervision using teamSalient® in your practice with teams.

Masterclasses & workshops

Expand your knowledge, coaching practices and confidence in using teamSalient® with teams.

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