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The most comprehensive team assessment tool on the market, teamSalient®’s powerful diagnostics extend team capabilities beyond their current comfort zones to increase team effectiveness and performance.

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teamSalient® is used internationally with teams, generating in-depth reporting and insights on the drivers of team performance. We recently introduced a new pricing model for our award-winning diagnostic tool that reflects local market conditions. This tiered pricing provides better value for money for teams across the globe.

Pricing for local markets

We have tailored our pricing to fit local markets globally. The new model prices teamSalient® appropriately to the marketplace specific to the team. The different country pricing bands are detailed in the table below:

Band A Europe: UK; Ireland; Germany; France; Switzerland; Austria; Norway; Sweden; Denmark; Belgium; Netherlands; Israel; Iceland. North America: USA and Canada.
Band B Italy; Greece; Spain; Portugal; Russia; India; United Arab Emirates and other Middle Eastern countries; Australia; New Zealand; China; Singapore; Thailand, and Japan.
Band C African countries; Latin American countries; Eastern European countries; Other Asian countries.


Sector specific pricing

The new tiered cost model for our team assessment tool supports client budgets further with industry-specific pricing, as shown below:

Private sector Public sector Not for profit


Accredited practitioners can access the latest price list by logging into the practitioner portal.

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